1st Annual Nipple Blossom Festival

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Everyone is invited to the "1st Annual Nipple Blossom Festival of the Modern Age." The Festivities will begin in Georgetown Harbor at Tony and Joe's and will continue to all major bars in Georgetown. WAIT! BEFORE you judge - this is a light hearted fundraiser for a serious cause. It will be benefiting The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, an orginazation committed to helping to end breast cancer.

Check out their official website at www.savethetatas.com
Or check search Nipple Festival on Facebook

our slogan:
"If you've got two nipples on your chest - You need to be at Nipple Fest!"
Cost will be a $15 donation at the door for a special Nipple Button and wristband. There will be drink and food specials at each location.

There will be special Ta-Tas Brand prizes for the following categories:
-Best Wardrobe malfunction
-Most Irregular
-Best dressed
-"I can't see my feet" award
-Most square footage
-Least square footage
(disclaimer - No actual judging will take place under threat of arrest to the promoters)

Tentative Schedule:
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